Saturday, November 6, 2010


So lately I have been getting back into my GunPla. Currently I am working on the 1/100 MG RX 78-2 kit with custom clear parts. I bought this kit during my last trip to Japan as a time filler not realising just how good it actually is. 

Just getting started!

The engineering that has gone into this kit is amazing and the resulting articulation is phenomenal. Still at the early stages of this build but I am thinking I will stick with the clear parts for the left side of the model. I will likely end up getting the RG version of this same Gundam so that one will be full colour and maybe even get some detailing. 

The articulation of this kit is amazing 
On a side note...

Before starting this build I started to research some more about GunPla as all it ever was for me was something I did in Japan when I got bored. I soon realised that there is a lot of info out there and many varying degrees of dedication to this weird and wonderful hobby. Some people, much like myself, just build the kits and decal them and that is that. Others construct whole dioramas or make their own custom modifications! Then there is the majority who enjoy varying levels of painting. Considering I have never panel lined any of my models I am definitely at the bottom end of that spectrum. After reading a lot of blog posts, tutorials, and watched countless YouTube videos, I have decided to give it a go. The Gundam Markers are currently en route from America (thanks parity and e-bay!) so when they arrive I will test my skills on some old boxed up models! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang

This song is just amazing. And Q-Tip just makes it that much better!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feature Aquarium

This is just a short post with some pics of my feature aquarium in my house.

The tank is custom built to fit an old brick planter that was boarded up to make it appear as part of the house (pics of that job to follow in a later post!). The dimensions of this display tank are 1120Lx535Wx900H so it is very deep and long but not very wide. This works perfectly as a divider between our front door and living room. You walk in and there it is in all of it's glory!

I love keeping native Australian fish. This tank started with only local native species but has had a few more species of rainbows added to it. These are Crimson Spot Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia duboulayi) caught from the upper reaches of the North Pine River in Dayboro.

Map here:,152.811756&num=1&sll=-27.278872,152.946289&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=-27.212694,152.812636&spn=0.016087,0.026071&z=16